About Us

Located in Chicago, Illinois, CreateMyFreeApp was created with the vision that every business – big or small – should have the capability of establishing a mobile presence. Developing a mobile app from scratch can be incredibly expensive, but it doesn't have to cost you anything to use CreateMyFreeApp.

We host an experience team of professional mobile developers, e-commerce experts and graphic designers who have worked with a diverse range of businesses in creating mobile apps. Our apps utilize attractive layouts, excellent colors schemes and the latest mobile features. We are happy to bring this talent to you with our CreateMyFreeApp service.

How it Works

Whether you have a website, business, or even a band, you want to make sure your users can engage with your brand anytime, anywhere. Now having your own custom mobile app is easy and absolutely free by following just a few simple steps.

  1. Sign up and tell us about your organization! Sign up and Create your free app now and start by filling out a short form that gives us the information and graphics we need to create your free app. This includes your industry, logos, and description. If you need help, our designers are just a click away.

  2. We design, create and publish your app. Once we know a bit about your business, our team of designers will begin working on your custom app. Don't worry, our experienced design team knows how to create sharp apps for a variety of businesses. Once we're done, we'll publish your app on the appropriate app store.

  3. Download and distribute your finished app. With your app ready to go, you and your users only need to download the app from the app store to begin using it.

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