Q: You're really going to make me a free app? So what's the catch?

A: Believe it or not, there is no catch. You simply sign up , fill out a form that tells us about your business, and we will create your own custom free app for iPhone or Android. No strings attached.

Q: So how do you make money?

A: In two ways. We do place small in-app advertisements in the apps we create. Many of our customers also choose to take advantage of our subscription service package which gives you unlimited distributions and up to 200 push notifications to send your users.

Q: Why would my small business need an app?

There is no business or organization that could not stand to benefit from an app – especially a free one. Mobile apps maintain and instant and continuous connection with your customers, clients, employees or fans. Wherever they go, you're in their pocket. They can seek information from you at any where and any time, and you can reach them the same way through instant notifications.

Q: How do you create my custom app made?

Other free app services may simply slap your logo on a generic template. But our app design team manually develops custom apps based on your input. We are able to provide this service because our team has extensive experience designing apps for a variety of organizations and has a very fast turn-around time.

Q. What mobile platforms do you make apps for?

We create apps for the iOS and Android markets. This includes the iPhone, iPad, and a number of Android smartphones and tablets.

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