How much does it cost?

Creating your app is absolutely free. This basic package covers app creation, submission and unlimited distribution. Upgraded packages can be purchased to add notifications, icon design and access to source code.

How do I get started?

Getting started on your free app is simple. First create a new account on our login page . From there, we will guide you through the design and publish steps. This simple, 5 minute process will give us all the information we need to design your custom app.

Who is CreateMyFreeApp?

Every business or organization, no matter how big or small, can benefit in some way from an app, but not every business can afford one. CreateMyFreeApp was inspired by a desire to help organizations like yours leverage the benefits of apps while sparing you the typical costs of development.

What do you get free with CreateMyFreeApp?

CreateMyFreeApp is a total turn-key solution for those who appreciate simplicity while still wish to integrate their unique brand into an app. Our apps do not rely on cookie-cutter templates; they are designed by human beings based on your input. Once your app is created, you have unlimited distributions.

What are the paid options with CreateMyFreeApp?

Our paid monthly plans give you the ability to send push notifications to keep your customers up-to-date with promotions, events, coupons, new products and other news. You can pay to publish your application on the store through your own account (or we can do this for you if you provide the credentials). A paid app will come with a custom designed app icon from our top-notch designers. Paid app accounts have access to their app source code and can download the full app and upload it to the store.

How do I contact CreateMyFreeApp for additional support?

We are happy to assist you in developing your custom app personally, however we ask that before you contact us you visit our comprehensive support guide and FAQ.

Sign In

What do I do if I cannot log in to my account?

If you have created an account at CreateMyFreeApp but cannot log in, you may have forgotten your password. Follow these simple steps to recover your password.

  • Click the Forgot password link to reset your password account.

  • Insert your email address to get your password.

  • Check your account email for a password link.

  • If this does not work, you may need to clear your browser cache.

Google Chrome:

First, open an Incognito Window and attempt to log in to your account. If you are unable to log in, clear your browser cache.

  • On the Chrome menu go to Tools and Clear browsing history.

  • Select clear browsing data.

  • A dialogue window will appear, providing you with a list of checkboxes for the types of information that you wish to have removed.

  • Make sure browsing history and cookies are checked, then click Clear browsing data.


  • On the Firefox Menu go to History and select Clear Recent History

  • In the drop-down menu, select Everything in the Time Range to clear.

  • Click the arrow next to Details and select Cookies and Cache.

  • Click Clear Now.

Internet Explorer

  • Click Safety and select Delete browsing history.

  • Choose Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.

  • Click Delete.

Additional Info

Which mobile devices are supported?

The following mobile devices are supported by CreateMyFreeApp:

  • Apple iOS: All devices running OS 6 and above.
  • Android: All device running OS 2.3.5 and above.
  • Amazon: Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Pricing & Plans

CreateMyFreeApp is a free service; however, we do offer additional services at competitive prices so you can get the most out of your mobile app. Our services are bundled in three monthly packages: basic, gold and platinum.

Basic Service:

Basic Service is absolutely free and includes app creation, submission and distribution. The basic CreateMyFreeApp service walks you through a simple app create process where your input will guide our developers in creating a free custom app for you. We will submit the app to the app store and you will be provided with unlimited distributions.

Gold Service:

The Gold Service includes everything available in the Basic Service but also grants you the ability to send push notifications to your users through your app. These notifications may be used to keep your customers up-to-date with promotions, events, coupons, new products and other news.

Platinum Service:

The Platinum Service includes everything available in the Gold Service but also allows you to use your own app store account to publish your app (or we can do this for you if you provide the credentials). You will also receive a custom designed icon for your application by our top-notch designers. Platinum Service provides you with a copy of the source code of your app so you can make any changes you wish on your end.

What features come with the Basic Free Service?

CreateMyFreeApp provides a simple and free way to create and edit your own mobile app. Through this service, you can publish it to the App Store, Google Play Store or Android Market Place. Users can download your app an unlimited amount of times.

What features come with the Gold Service Package?

In addition to the services provided by the free package, users will be able to send out up to 250 push notifications a month to users. You can also pay a one-time fee of $19.99 to remove the "CreateMyFreeApp" intro. Gold Package users can earn 10% off of ads in their app.

What features come with the Platinum Service Package?

In addition to the services provided by the free package, users will be able to send out up to 2500 push notifications a month to users. You can pay a one-time free of $49.99 to remove the "CreateMyFreeApp" intro. Platinum Package users can earn 20% off of ads in their app.

Design, Style & Layout

What App Types or templates do you have available?

CreateMyFreeApp has a variety of App Types that cover a range of needs of our users.

  • Business App : Useful for businesses that sell products or services and wish to connect with new customers while obtaining new ones.

  • Restaurant App: For restaurants who wish to give their customers a mobile menu and means to order food through the app.

  • Entertainment App: Useful for bands and other groups so they can keep in touch with fans and notify them about new shows.

  • Event App: For general events so attendees can have all relevant information about the event on their mobile devices, such as location, presenters and scheduled events.

  • Photos App: Coming Soon!
  • Education App: Coming Soon!

What App Pages are available for each App Type?

  • Business App: Events, Call, Send Message, Connect to Social Media, Location.

  • Restaurant App: Menu, Deals, Connect to Social Media, Location, Contact Us, Order Now.

  • Entertainment App: About, Contact Us, Connect to Social Media, News, Events, Music Gallery.

  • Event App: About, Connect to Social Media, Attendees List, Presenter Information, Location, Schedule Event.

  • Photos App: Coming Soon!
  • Education App: Coming Soon!

Can I use my own art or downloaded images?

Yes, you can upload images for backgrounds and buttons in the App Design or choose images from our Gallery.

How do you see changes after uploading art?

Click on "Refresh" or "Save" to apply the new uploaded artwork.

How do I change the font color on my app?

At this time you can only choose between a black or white font. So be sure to choose a color that shows up well against the background.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is an effective way to connect with your customers and keep them interested in your products and services. CreateMyFreeApp makes linking your app with your social media networks easy and hassle-free.

  • Reach new users
  • Build your mobile community
  • Keep your app users up to date on new products and services
  • Generate discussion and interaction among your users
  • Showcase your products and services

How do I connect my app to my social media networks?

Our various App Types contain a page where you can link to your social media accounts, including FaceBook and Twitter. Simply copy and paste the url to these pages in the appropriate fields.

Managing Your App

How do I resume creating my app after closing the window?

Login to CreateMyFreeApp.Click on "My Apps" in the top right of the window. Select which of your apps you would like to resume.

How do I make changes to my app after publishing it?

After publishing your app, you can continue to make changes. Any further changes you make will be updated for all users who have downloaded the app.

Submitting Your Finished App

Once you have finished creating your free app, it is time to submit it to our designers.

How do I add my app to an App Store?

When you publish your app, we automatically submit your app to any of the app stores you choose, such as the Apple App Store, Google Play or Android Market. There is no need for you to download and upload it yourself.

Do I need to pay for a developer account?

In order to submit apps to some app stores, developers are required to pay a fee to those stores. But since we submit your app for you, you will not pay this fee. CreateMyFreeApp is an entirely free service.

App Stores

After you submit your app, we will publish it in several of the most popular app stores for your users to download.

  • App Store: Digital distribution platform for mobile apps on iOS (including iPhone, iPad) developed and maintained by Apple.
  • Google Play: AKA the Android Market, a digital distribution platform operated by Google for devices using the Android operating system.
  • Amazon Kindle Store: Digital marketplace for's series of e-book readers.

Downloading Your App

Once your app is available in a marketplace, it can be downloaded by you and other users an unlimited number of times for free. Apps can be submitted to the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Kindle Store.

How many times can my app be downloaded?

Other free app services will impose a limited number of downloads, but CreateMyFreeApp does not restrict the number of downloads it permits.

Promoting Your App

CreateMyFreeApp offers you several exciting opportunities to connect with other CreateMyFreeApp users and promote your apps.

Ad Revenue From Your App

How can I make money from ads on my app?

Not only does CreateMyFreeApp allow you to create simple apps absolutely for free, but you also have the opportunity to earn money through ad revenue with our Gold and Platinum Packages. Gold members earn 10% of all ad revenue and Platinum members earn 20%. Please contact us to learn more details about our shared ad revenue service.

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